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November 16, 2012
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deviantART iOS app - Start Page by jzak2392 deviantART iOS app - Start Page by jzak2392
This is my imagining of what a deviantART iOS app might look like. I got the idea to do this because a lot of the art I put up on dA at some point goes through my iPod touch. Whether I'm taking a picture or adding text or whatever. It is possible to upload through the dA mobile site, but it's extremely tedious and doesn't always work. This app would make things easier.

This is a basic startup page that would show up when you open the app for the first time after downloading. On the top of the screen is the deviantART logo and script, and under it is a mosaic of some popular dA pieces. At the bottom are buttons that allow you to sign into your existing dA account or create a new one right from the app.

Comments are appreciated!!!

The pieces shown in the above image are not mine and I do not claim them. The list is below:

TOP (from left to right)
"Home and the Fairies" by zancan
"Carciphona - Too Late" by shilin
"Kaleidoscope Reverie" by alexiuss
"A slice of life" by gilad

BOTTOM (from left to right)
"Death Rides a Pale Trike" by mjranum-stock
"Forgotten Fairytales" by zemotion
"GAME_ON" by cartoongirl7
"wittlecabbage" by fraped

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